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All levels of experience are welcome, choose which class fits your needs the best. Whether you’re an early stage student or have had a long career in the software development industry, you’ll leave Cycligent’s Git Training with tricks and tools you can immediately put to work in your projects.


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Event Listing

Location Venue Date Course Cost
San Francisco, CA TBA Tuesday, 26th Sept 2017 $200  
Los Angeles, CA TBA Thursday, 28th Sept 2017 $200  
New York, NY TBA Tuesday, 10th Oct 2017 $200  
Newark, NJ TBA Thursday,12th Oct 2017 $200  
Boston, MA TBA Tuesday, 24th Oct 2017 $200  
Chicago, IL TBA Thursday, 26th Oct 2017 $200  
Baltimore, MD TBA Tuesday, 7th Nov 2017 $200  
Philadelphia, PA TBA Thursday, 9th Nov 2017 $200  
Minneapolis, MN TBA Tuesday, 14th Nov 2017 $200  
Detroit, MI TBA Thursday, 16th Nov 2017 $200  
Seattle, WA TBA Tuesday, 5th Dec 2017 $200  
San Francisco, CA TBA Thursday, 7th Dec 2017 $200  
Long Island, NY TBA Tuesday, 12th Dec 2017 $200  
Indianapolis, IN TBA Thursday, 4th Jan 2018 $200  

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